Officer Position Overview

Intent to Run Form

Applications for Lodge Chief are due September 10, 2024
Applications for Lodge Vice-Chiefs are due September 13, 2024

Positions Available and Brief Position Descriptions

Lodge Chief – An incredible experience and opportunity to serve. The Lodge Chief ultimately is responsible for all aspects of the lodge program, supported by other lodge officers, advisors and committees. They organize and conduct Lodge Officer Meetings, Lodge Executive Committee Meetings (LECM) and are a member of the Council Executive Board. The attend all Key 3 meetings and should be in attendance at all Lodge functions and must absolutely be committed to their position.

Lodge Vice-Chiefs over Areas – The Lodge will be divided into three areas – south, central and north. A Lodge Vice-Chief will be elected by the members of that area in attendance at the Fellowship. The primary responsibilities of these Lodge Vice-Chiefs will be to support the chapter chiefs, plan an annual ordeal with the support of the chapters in their area and the Lodge and lastly, to ensure unit elections take place in 100% of the units in their area, with the primary responsibility for unit elections lying with the Chapters. An Arrowman may only run for this office in the area in which they live.

Lodge Vice-Chiefs – There will be six additional Lodge Vice-Chiefs elected. Arrowmen will run for a Vice-Chief, and then be appointed a specific area of responsibility by the elected Lodge Chief. Areas of responsibility include the following: Inductions, Program, Native American Culture, Ceremonies, Training and Retention/Brotherhood. Lodge Vice-Chiefs will be assisted by a highly-qualified Lodge Associate Advisor and will supervise various committees that assist them in their assignments. Lodge Vice-Chiefs must be very committed to their responsibilities.

Secretary – The Lodge Secretary will be in charge of communications and promotion of Lodge activities. They work with the Lodge Chief and other officers to prepare and post agendas, schedules and other useful information. They help with the Website and other promotional media resources. They also take minutes of the LECM meetings and publish them in a timely manner.

Requirements to Run for Office

1. All candidates for office must be under the age of 21 for the entire term of their office, (which is through 9/10/23).

2. Any youth member is eligible to run for any of the offices listed above.

3. An Intent to Run Form, signed by you and your parent/guardian, must be completed by the following dates:

    a.  Lodge Chief – Must be received no later than September 10, 2024, 11:59 p.m.  (forms received after this time will not be considered for this position)

     b. Lodge Vice-Chiefs and Secretary – Must be received no later than September 13, 2024 by 11:59 p.m. (forms received after this time will not be considered)

     c. The Lodge Staff Advisor is Josh Haacke (

4. The Intent to Run form will ask you which offices you are interested in. Select as many postions as you wish. You are able to run for another office if you are not elected to the position you want most. (i.e.: you run for a Lodge Vice-Chief over an Area but are not elected, you may run for another Lodge Vice-Chief or Secretary position as well, just need to mark in on the form.)

5. All candidates for Lodge Chief must interview with the Lodge Advisor and Lodge Staff Advisor prior to the Fellowship. The intent of the interview is to ensure the expectations of the office are clear and that the candidate understands what will be required.

6. Elected Lodge Officers are required to attend the Lodge Officer Retreat (unless given prior approval by the Lodge Advisor.)

Election/Voting Process

  1. Candidates may not use printed or electronic matter to campaign for a Lodge office, including (but not limited to) letters of solicitation, campaign posters, web pages, emails, buttons, etc. Additionally, campaign techniques that detract from the spirit of fair play in Lodge elections are not permitted.
  2. The outgoing Lodge Chief shall preside over the Lodge Elections. If an incumbent Lodge Chief is running for another term, an outgoing Lodge Vice Chief, who is not running for office, shall be appointed by the Key 3 to preside over the portion of the election in which the incumbent Lodge Chief is being considered for election.  
  3. Only youth members under the age of 21 may vote. Adults may also be present but must be separated from and cannot communicate with youth during the election. If the Lodge Staff Adviser determines that having adults present at the election is a distraction or is causing questions of integrity, he may ask the adults to leave.
  4. The order of elections shall be as follows:
    1. Lodge Chief
    2. Lodge Vice Chiefs over Areas
    3. Other Lodge Vice Chiefs
    4. Secretary
  5. The ballot shall be read by the person presiding over the election.
  6. Nominations from the floor shall be allowed only for any uncontested office. 
  7. Rules for candidates for office:
    1. The order of speaking for candidates will be determined by lot at the election by the Key 3.
    2. The amount of time allotted to each candidate shall be determined by the Key 3. Time shall be kept by the Lodge Staff Adviser.
    3. A candidate is not required to be present to run for office. If the candidate is not present, they may select someone to speak in their place. The substitute must be under 21 years of age.
  8. Voting shall be done as follows:
    1. The youth supervising the election shall supervise the count. He shall be accompanied in the count by the Lodge Staff Advisor and at least one other youth and one other adult selected by the Lodge Key 3. The youth present in the count shall not be a candidate for any lodge office.
    2. The Youth supervising the elections shall not vote in any election except to break a tie after at least one re-vote as been taken.
  9. Lodge Chief
    1. To win a Lodge Chief election, a candidate must receive 50% + 1 vote to win the election outright on the first pass (i.e. if 100 voters are present, a candidate would have to receive 51 votes to win on the first ballot). If a candidate does not win on the first vote, then all candidates are dropped except the top two candidates. A final vote is taken and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes wins. 
  10. Lodge Vice Chiefs over Areas
    1. Candidates for Lodge Vice Chiefs over Areas may only run for this position in the Area in which their residence is located.
    2. Only the members who reside in each Area may vote for the position (i.e. the youth in the southern Area elect the Lodge Vice Chief over the Area for the Southern Area only)
    3. Only one vote will be taken for this office with the candidate receiving the most votes winning
  11. Lodge Vice Chiefs, and Secretary
    1. Only one vote shall be taken for each of these offices with each Arrowman present available to vote up to half of the vice chief positions available.  
    2. For the Vice Chief positions, the highest number of vote receivers needed to fill the Vice Chief positions will be elected.
  12. Youth supervising the election shall announce the results after each vote throughout the process.
  13. The number of votes received by each candidate shall not be announced at any stage during the election or afterwards. The Lodge Staff Advisor will dispose of the ballots.
  14. Only youth in good standing, as previously defined, shall be eligible to vote.
  15. If the Supreme Chief is not present at the election, the results will be reported to him/her within three days of the election by the Lodge Staff Adviser.

Intent to Run Form