Frequently Asked Questions

Membership & Registration

Q:  Can I renew my membership over the Internet?

A:  Yes you can, look for the “Pay Dues" button at the top of each page.

Q:  I see Scouts in Scouting wearing a sash with an arrow on it. How can I join the OA?

A:  Sorry, you can not “join” the Order of the Arrow. Youth members have to be elected as candidates for membership. A unit election can be held, once a year, by each troop and varsity team.  Your Scoutmaster can tell you the eligibility requirements.   Adults may be nominated if, their unit has had at least one youth elected, during the annual process.  Adult nominations are sent to the Lodge in the proper form and will be reviewed by the appropriate committee.

Q: Who is eligible for election to the OA?

A: Male and female youth members of Troops, Crews, or Ships can hold elections for membership in the Order of the Arrow.

Q:  How long is my membership valid?

A:  Once a member always a member.  However active membership in Ammatdiio Lodge is based upon the calendar year. Active membership is renewed each year and expires as of December 31st of each year. There are yearly dues that include a special patch for that year to maintain active membership.

Q:  How much are Lodge Dues?

A:  The dues are $15.00 per year.

Q:  I paid my current year’s dues online, when or how can I get my membership card?

A:  As with everything in the Order, the updating of our databases for these renewals is done by volunteers who also maintain the registration for the big events such as Lodge Banquet. Therefore, it takes a while to update the 900+ renewals we get and prepare the membership cards for distribution. As we get things organized and update the new council membership database we will make it known when and where membership cards can be picked up or obtained.

Q:  I took my Ordeal in October. I was told that my Ordeal fee included dues. Do I need to pay dues again in January?
A:  Yes, a portion of the Ordeal Fee you paid is allocated for the current year’s dues. However, in order to keep the Ordeal fee the same for each candidate, the membership fee for the year you took your Ordeal takes into account that all Ordeal candidates are not members for the full calendar year and is thus less than the full-year membership fee.

Q:  How do I renew my membership in Ammatdiio Lodge?

A:  Renewal of membership for a current Ammatdiio Lodge member can be achieved through the completion dues form by clicking "Pay Dues" at the top of this website. The member must maintain a current BSA registration in a unit within Crossroads of the West Council.

Q:  I was a member of the Order of the Arrow as a Youth member. How do I join the Lodge?

A:  You can renew your membership the same way a current member does. However, you should check with the registration adviser to see if we have a record of your prior membership prior to submitting the Dues Payment Card.  The date of your Ordeal would be helpful, If you can remember, or if you have a copy of your old membership card.

Q:  I am a former member of the lodges in Utah, but your records do not show me as a prior member. What do I have to do to rejoin the Lodge?

A:  This makes it a bit more difficult but not impossible. Although we have an extensive history of prior members, it is not a complete history. The easiest way is for you to rejoin the Lodge is for you to produce documentary evidence of your prior membership. Ownership of a sash and manuals do not meet this test. If this is not possible, you should contact our registration adviser for assistance and other options.

Q:  I was a member of another Lodge and recently joined a local BSA unit. Can I continue to wear my lodge flap from my original lodge?

A:  No. You are only authorized to wear the lodge flap for the lodge in which you are currently registered. In addition, you are only authorized to be a member of the lodge of the council where you live and maintain your BSA registration. Since you are registered with a unit in this council, you can not officially belong to either a lodge or unit within another council, and thus you are not authorized to wear their flap. If you wish to be a current member of the Order, you should transfer your membership to Ammatdiio Lodge and obtain and wear the lodge flap from our lodge while you are registered to a unit within our council.

Ordeal Candidate Questions

Q: I have registered for my Ordeal. How do I get to the Camp?

A:  Ordeal Candidates must arrange for their own transportation to and from Ordeals under the BSA transportation guidelines. Maps to council camps can be obtained at the Crossroads of the West Council registration desk or on the council’s website at The Guide to Safe Scouting states that “The drivers must be currently licensed and at least 18 years of age. Scouting youth (under age 18) are not insured under the Boy Scouts of America commercial general liability policy.”

Q:  What do I need to bring with me to an ordeal as a candidate?

A:  There is a minimal standard for clothing and supplies required of Ordeal Candidates. There are also restrictions on what Candidates may bring.

Q: The list of what not to bring to an Induction Weekend says no extra food of any kind. I have special dietary medical needs. What do I do? Can I still participate?

A: If you have any dietary restrictions due to health or religious reasons, please contact us at

Miscellaneous Questions

Q:  I became a member of the Order of the Arrow when I was with a troop. I am now active in the Venturing/Sea Scouts program. Am I allowed to wear my OA Flap on my Venturing/Sea Scouts uniform?

A:  Yes. Venturers and Sea Scouts are now allowed to join the Order of the Arrow.

Q: Some of these abbreviations and acronyms you’ve used are confusing, what do they mean?

A: To name just a few: OA is short for Order of the Arrow.  G14S stands for Gateway Region Section 14 South, which is our Order of the Arrow Region and Section.

Q: What if my question wasn’t answered here?

A: There are a couple of different ways to find an answer to your questions.  You can contact a member of the local chapter, or ask an Arrowman you know. You can also take a look at the National OA Website. Click for National Website or email us at