Lodge History

In April 2020, the Trapper Trails, Great Salt Lake, and Utah National Parks Councils merged to form the Crossroads of the West Council. As for the Lodges, they continued their separate programs and activities through the rest of 2020. The leaderships of the 3 lodges met develop a plan for the merger. The 3 legacy lodges involved were Awaxaawe' Awachia Lodge 535 (Trapper Trails Council), El-Ku-Ta Lodge 520 (Great Salt Lake Council), and Tu Cubin Noonie Lodge 508 (Utah National Parks Council).

As the three legacy Lodge Chiefs gathered to select a name for the new lodge, they wanted something that reflected the sentiment of both the Council Name, Crossroads of the West, and the merging of three excellent lodges into one in a spirit of brotherhood, and thus determined the lodge name would be “Where Paths Cross.” The chiefs then researched various options of a Native American word that reflected the words “Where Paths Cross,” and concluded on Ammatdiio, which then became the name of the Lodge. Ammatdiio is pronounced AH-MA-DEE-YO.

In October 2020, Awaxaawe' Awachia Lodge #535, El-Ku-Ta Lodge #520 and Tu Cubin Noonie Lodge #508 merged to form Ammatdiio Lodge #590. The name Ammatdiio means “meeting or gathering place”, thus Where Paths Cross. The Bobcat was selected as the Lodge totem.